Encrypted Traffic Analysis Uncovering Hidden Threats

With over 90% of today’s internet traffic cloaked in encryption, cyber attackers are exploiting this trend to conceal their own activities. Progress® Flowmon® helps detect hidden threats within encrypted traffic and provides robust security without the need for decryption.

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Detection and Compliance and Response

Detection Beyond Traditional Means

Employ AI and threat intelligence to uncover additional threat footprints in encrypted traffic that conventional methods may miss.

Observability Without Decryption

Get greater insights into encrypted data flows for proactive monitoring and maintain greater data integrity and confidentiality.

Boosting Security Compliance

Benefit from rich intelligence of devices’ security posture, including cryptographic assessment and use of legacy protocols.

Automating Incident Response

Minimize the need for manual intervention, reducing response time and limiting the potential damage caused by the attack on a non-compliant device.

Encrypted Traffic Analysis When Decryption Is Impossible

Encrypted traffic analysis detects malware and assesses cryptographic security when decryption is not an option, enhancing visibility into encrypted traffic without compromising scalability, latency or privacy. As malware increasingly hides in encrypted traffic, detecting malicious TLS activities is vital for compliance and protection. Flowmon passively collects network data, uses AI for threat detection and provides intelligent insights for cryptographic policy assessments in hybrid environments.

Expose Attacks Before It Is Too Late

Improve your cybersecurity resilience with Flowmon’s powerful features.

Detect more unknown threats early, thanks to 40+ AI-based methods and 200+ algorithms.
Identify out-of-date SSL certificates, non-compliant certificates, encryption strength or old TLS versions that may contain vulnerabilities.
Traditional endpoint security neglects up to 50% of network-connected devices like printers, IoT devices, appliances and various closed systems, Wi-Fi routers or cameras. Reduce the chances of these devices turning into entry points for attackers.
Lower security risks by helping to identify non-compliant, high-risk assets using AI-powered capabilities, threat scoring and analytics.
Provide greater observability and gain more control over your network by analyzing traffic structure and flows, including classification and identification of cloud platforms, applications and services.