Flowmon APM Application performance monitoring

Flowmon Application Performance Monitoring (APM) is an agentless system that measures user experience and reports on the performance of business-critical applications. The APM provides reliable data on usage, capacity, error rate and SLA to speed up troubleshooting and optimize application experience.


Decisive insight

Simplify application troubleshooting, SLA and user experience monitoring.

Passive monitoring

The APM is agentless and measures transactions on the network level.

End-to-end visibility

Collect performance metrics on the user, network, application and database behavior.

User experience monitoring

The Flowmon APM provides visibility into the entire application delivery chain by tracking the interactions between the user and application/database server to enable quick troubleshooting and root-cause analysis. All the collected metrics are correlated to pinpoint network elements responsible for latency issues and other bottlenecks.


The highly customizable dashboard provides you with an immediate knowledge of user experience and application performance including the development of key metrics over time, the number of slowest transactions or percentage scores of SLA fulfilment. You can drill down to the level of individual transactions from anywhere on the dashboard.

Performance analysis

Flowmon lets you know when SLA is not being met. Multiple metrics are available, including the 99% and 95% transaction response time, median, multitudes of SLAs, application response time or transport time. For an at-a-glance overview of application performance, it computes its own metric called the APM Index to report on the fulfilment of user-defined SLA as a percentage score.

Active SLA testing

Besides agentless testing, you can also leverage the Transaction Generator which simulates user behavior and reports on SLA. It is excellent for automated off-peak testing of business-critical HTTP and HTTPS applications where it executes a set of test scenarios over defined time plans providing an SLA report, scenario result and additional data, and gives you a thorough understanding of application availability.

"With the data from Flowmon, we can immediately move to resolve performance issues and make sure that degradations don’t hinder our ability to deliver high-quality parts to our customers."
Ing. Massimo Petrini
Factory Manager

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