Network monitoring and security solution for enterprise

When the security and stability of services are crucial, Flowmon represents a cornerstone delivering to IT professionals absolute control over their networks. Based on performance, scalability and compatibility, Flowmon is trusted by companies globally providing them with advanced network visibility to deal with security threats, enhance IT operations and maintain order.

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Enhancing performance and security of enterprise networks

With multiple offices in different locations and an ever changing IT environment, large enterprises need to ensure security and reliability of their services to stay competitive. In this technology-driven world, computer networks serve as a nervous system ensuring delivery of business critical applications. This is why IT professionals turn to Flowmon network monitoring technology to get a complete network visibility.

Flowmon empowers enterprises such as telecommunication providers, financial institutions or manufacturing companies to manage and secure their computer networks confidently. Recognized by Gartner, recommended by Check Point or IBM, the solution delivers to network administrators, security engineers and IT operations a whole set of enterprise-class features for:

  • Real-time network traffic visibility to know who is using the network and how
  • Efficient reporting supporting multi-tenant environments, different perspectives and locations
  • Proactive detection of threats, botnets, DDoS and risks undetectable by signature and rule based solutions
  • Improving performance of business applications and enhancing user experience
  • Network capacity planning and traffic engineering
  • Quick troubleshooting of network failures and configuration issues

With Flowmon IT ops maintaining large environments benefit from:

  • Complete monitoring of extensive networks. Are you running multiple LANs and branches in different locations? Flowmon Networks is a scalable, multi-tenant ready solution for monitoring extensive environments. Learn more about Flowmon network monitoring solution.
  • Security by artificial intelligence instead of signature/rule based. Execute your security policy across the network confidently. Monitor all user and devices connected to the network easily. Use advanced artificial intelligence to protect your sensitive data and deal with APTs, zero-day threats and sophisticated malware. Our behavior anomaly detection technology is recognized by Gartner.
  • Professional support team. Our experts help you to solve any requirement. Our team partners with Computer Incident Response Teams delivering them knowledge on effective network monitoring and security.
  • Fully compatible solution. Flowmon offers optimized deployment models in both physical and virtual environments. The solution is compatible with all IP networks, devices and vendors and supports all the major flow data standards (NetFlow, IPFIX, jFlow, Netstream, etc). Easy integration with SIEM systems is a commonplace.
  • Comprehensive reporting and ease of use. Flowmon provides precise and detailed automatic reporting fitting the specific needs. A well-arranged GUI, comprehensible dashboards and drill-down capabilities help to troubleshoot efficiently.
  • Full set of enterprise-class features. With distributed architecture, support for all networks up to 100G, and feature-rich modules, Flowmon fits the needs of demanding enterprise environments.
"The project of Flowmon solution deployment was set up in a very short time. Now thanks to the project we do not only fulfil the security legislative requirements for network monitoring, but we also markedly accelerate and streamline the administration of our network. In every moment we know what is happening in our network and we can immediately respond to specific situations."
Peter Sterbak
IT Director at AEGON

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