Diagnose Your Cloud Applications Performance and Efficiency

Cloud offers remarkable scalability at the cost of losing control over infrastructure, a critical part of application performance. Progress® Flowmon® is a lightweight, passive monitoring solution that tracks real user experiences, pinpoints bottlenecks and investigates errors to maximize the efficiency of your applications.

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Cloud Applications Performance and Efficiency

Regain Control Over Your Cloud Application Performance

Enhance user experience

Enhance User Experience

Boost responsiveness and reliability of your cloud applications, directly improving user engagement and satisfaction.

Gain leverage over service providers

Gain Leverage Over Service Providers

Receive data-driven insights about your user experiences and earn quality services offered by cloud providers.

Wide platform support

Wide Platform Support

Integrate more easily with AWS, Azure and Google platforms, simplifying consistent application performance tracking.

Lightweight non intrusive monitoring

Lightweight, Non-Intrusive Monitoring

Deploy in under 1 hour without the necessity to use agents that impede application speed or user experience.

How to Identify Cloud Service Degradation

Flowmon meticulously monitors real user application interactions by analyzing network and application traffic, uncovering bottlenecks throughout the delivery chain. It effectively identifies issues, whether they originate within your infrastructure, the service provider’s domain or from the locations where users access the applications.

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Explore Beyond Application Availability

Measure real application performance, spend less time investigating and improve your response times with Flowmon’s powerful features.

Choose from dozens of predefined dashboards such as top talkers, communication partners, users and endpoints, network vs. application delay, topology view showing bandwidth utilization or choose from prebuilt monitoring widgets for applications like Office365.
Continuous monitoring and analysis of network and application traffic in real time, supplying immediate insights into user-application interactions, measure server response and round-trip time, retransmissions or jitters.
In SaaS monitoring, even without managing applications or accessing payloads for specific transactions, Flowmon helps to differentiate between network and application issues and pinpoint failing delivery components.

Deployment and Monitoring

Deployment options

Deployment Options

You can deploy Flowmon in a few minutes from marketplaces in Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud:

Deployment options

Monitoring Options

  • Native Traffic Mirroring from Amazon AWS and Google Cloud to send raw network packets from virtual interfaces to Flowmon.
  • Collect the native cloud FlowLogs including AWS VPC FlowLogs, Google Could VPC FlowLogs and Azure NSG FlowLogs.
  • Optionally use third-party vTAP such as Keysight, Gigamon and Garland to mirror traffic to Flowmon.