Network Monitoring and Security Solution for Education

Educational and research organisations provide a wide range of services through their computer networks. Their reliability and security is crucial to the work of thousands of people. Flowmon supplies universities, NRENs, R&D centres and other academic institutions a tool for monitoring, diagnosis and protection of network traffic. Utilising Flowmon they are able to meet easily the quality requirements of their services.

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What Flowmon delivers to IT operations?

Flowmon is a comprehensive solution for network monitoring and visibility, utilizing the leading NetFlow/IPFIX technology and Network Behavior Analysis. Network administrators benefit from Flowmon solution when troubleshooting performance and configuration issues of university systems, optimizing UX of internal applications or controlling devices connected to a local network. Security experts rely on Flowmon to deal with cyber threats such as botnets, zero-day attacks, DDoS and other risks which bypass traditional firewalls, IDS/IPS systems or antiviruses. Learn more about Flowmon network monitoring solution.

Why Flowmon

  • Quick troubleshooting of network failures, performance and configuration issues
  • Proactive detection of botnets, advanced threats and other risks undetectable by other technologies
  • Monitoring the quality of services and SLA
  • Enhancing user experience and application value
  • Real-time network traffic visibility to have the network under control
  • Bandwidth monitoring and capacity planning
  • Overseeing all devices and users connected to a LAN (BYOD included)

Features and benefits of Flowmon solution

  • Simplifying IT operations and network management even in such inhomogeneous environments of vast dislocated branches and complicated structure of responsibilities.
  • Advanced security intelligence. Stop research data leakage, APTs, zero-day threats and sophisticated malware undetecteble by other technologies. Learn more about Flowmon ADS.
  • ​​Smart reporting capabilities on a regular basis or instant alerts when various baselines are exceeded.​
  • Easy to use and operate via an intuitive GUI with clear monitoring and security dashboards for a quick analysis of particular issues on critical services (information systems). Fast deep drill down capabilities to precise problem identification and troubleshooting.
  • Fast deployment and interoperability. Benefit from ease of use and vast integration capabilities including native SIEM integration (HP Arcsight, IBM Qradar, Enterasys, Juniper, RSA, Trustwave, etc.) resulting in higher network visibility.
  • Well established in NRENs and academic environment running the top-speed academic backbones with the highest demands on performance. See how Flowmon helps GEANT or Masaryk University.
  • Protection against DDoS attack by putting artificial intelligence between critical applications and cybercriminals. Learn more about DDoS Defender.
  • ​Set of user-defined scripts triggered on detected events, sending a syslog warning or SNMP trap.
"Although we love to create new security monitoring tools, we also need a reliable cornerstone of the monitoring infrastructure for the routine operation of a university CSIRT. Furthermore, we welcome the professional support that comes with Flowmon solution. It allows us to focus on the core of our business."
Computer Security Incident Response Team
Masaryk University

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