Getting Started with Flowmon 4 Steps to Complete Deployment

Get from zero to actionable data on the dashboard in 30 minutes. Use presets and predefined dashboards for automatic configuration or create your own to shape the tool to your specific needs.

Setting the objective and data gathering scheme

See what data you can leverage from your current datacenter infrastructure, cloud environment, traffic logs, and where you will need enriched network telemetry from our Probes.

Assessing the monitoring scope

Choose the right-size Flowmon Collector to store and process network data from all your sources. It comes in a number of capacities and form factors including HW, virtual, and cloud appliances.

Choosing the extension modules

Anomaly Detection System for network-borne threat detection and behavior analysis, Packet Investigator for automated packet capture and root-cause analysis, Application Performance Monitoring for agentless reporting on application usage, error-rate, and SLA.

Tuning your data view

Use presets built around the most common needs of users (Office 365, G Suite, social networks, DNS, DHCP…) to automate configuration.

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Implementation in detail

Get a detailed step by step overview of Flowmon implementation process.

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How to buy Flowmon?

Get in touch with our specialists and they will guide you through initial steps (trial, sizing, POC, technical discussions) and help you find a local partner to implement the final solution.

"After three months of intensive testing we were able to prove that Flowmon was the right product due to its performance, anomaly detection capabilities, scalability in GÉANT and its simplicity when managing and configuring."
Wayne Routly
Head of Information & Infrastructure Security

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