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Facing large amounts of uncontrolled data, the growing complexity of systems and today’s security threats, Internet Service Providers must know what is happening in their networks to ensure 24/7 availability. This is why they turn to the performance of Flowmon solution when optimizing peering agreements, ensuring stability of their services and providing advanced security services to customers.

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Enhancing performance of demanding environments

Flowmon provides network specialists with powerful tools utilizing IP flow monitoring and network behavior analysis technology. The solution is developed to fit the needs of large network operators providing a granular overview of network traffic for ensuring availability, fast troubleshooting and improving the user experience. Its performance, scalability and ease-of-use makes Flowmon an ideal solution for:

  • Network performance monitoring and provisioning SLA
  • Peering arrangements optimisation
  • Accounting and billing
  • Network utilisation visibility and traffic engineering
  • Providing advanced security solutions as a service (SECaaS)

When performance matters

Optimizing the performance of networks and peering lines is a challenge for every network operator. Flowmon Networks provides a complete portfolio of solutions for flow-based network visibility and security.

It includes Flowmon Probes, Flowmon Collectors and advanced modules. Flowmon Probes are the most powerful enablers of advanced network traffic monitoring in the world generating flow data at wire-speed on up to 100G network lines. Flowmon Collectors are dedicated for processing hundreds of thousands of flows per second. It provides complete network traffic visibility via automated reports, customized charts and statistics of users for quick troubleshooting and protection of customers against cyber threats. Flowmon modules extend the probe/collector functionality and enable the advanced analysis of flow statistics.

  • Anomaly Detection System for protection against botnets, APTs, zero-day malware and other threats that bypass traditional solutions.
  • Packet Investigator – Full Packet Capture solution for complete data communication recording.
  • IP data retention solution for long term storage of network traffic statistics to fulfil governmental law requirements.

Security as a service

When the complexity of IT security grows, many businesses turn to their service providers for an additional layer of security.

This is an opportunity for service providers who wish to differentiate from competitors and provide next generation security services to their customers. Flowmon solution is a perfect match for Managed Security Service Providers and Internet Service Providers to extend their services.

Flowmon for MSSP
"After three months of intensive testing we were able to prove that Flowmon was the right product due to its performance, anomaly detection capabilities, scalability in GÉANT and its simplicity when managing and configuring."
Wayne Routly
Head of Information & Infrastructure Security

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