A Scalable and Cost-effective NDR Solution with Built-in Network Visibility

Flowmon enables maximum network performance and security across every branch of your IT environment at a fraction of the cost of others.

  • Works in any environment
  • 30 minutes to deploy
  • World-class support

Scale indefinitely

Flowmon offers limitless scalability thanks to a futureproof flow-based engine that delivers a level of detail comparable to packet-based solutions at a fraction of the resource requirements. Full-packet data is available on-demand and on-event packet capture when needed.

Improve your security and boost operations

Detect ransomware, expose insider threats and respond to them quickly while keeping your network transparent and problem-free. Flowmon provides a unified source of truth to both network and security teams and cuts the cost of functional duplicity between tools.

Visibility into every branch

Eliminate visibility blind spots by analyzing data from diverse environments using proprietary and 3rd-party data sources and normalizing diverse data formats to gain insights from virtual, on-prem, edge and cloud traffic in one place.

Automate routine

Minimize time spent on routine tasks by leveraging on-demand and on-event packet capture with automated root-cause analysis.

Brands you trust use Flowmon

"Our priority was to improve the visibility of our infrastructure, as in our manufacturing segment network outages automatically lead to financial losses. So we decided that besides the tools such as Cisco Prime we would invest in a flow data monitoring solution..."
Peter Skorvanek
Network Administrator

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