Network Monitoring and Security for Small and Midsize Business

A network serves as a nervous system delivering critical applications and services to ensure smooth business operations. Do you know what is going on in your network? Flowmon brings to IT managers a proven, easy to use network traffic monitoring to simplify IT operations and enhance the security against cyber threats.

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A network monitoring solution that fits your needs

Network outages, performance issues or security breaches can cause financial loss, reputation damage or dissatisfaction and churn of customers. Flowmon is a comprehensive platform for flow-based (NetFlow/IPFIX) network monitoring to avoid these situations. The solution provides IT managers with a powerful tool to know and control their computer networks. Thanks to its scalability, licensing and ease of use, it appeals to small and midsize businesses. With network behavior analysis technology included, Flowmon enables the detection of internal and external security threats which are undetectable by commonly available security tools such as IDS, firewalls or antivirus software.

Flowmon brings to IT managers proven network monitoring for:

  • Having under control the behavior of connected devices/users
  • Overseeing network communications and effective troubleshooting
  • Bandwidth monitoring and WAN links optimization
  • Network capacity planning
  • Application performance monitoring
  • Enhancing security against internal and external threats

Small and midsized businesses using Flowmon solution benefit from:

  • Ease of use with no extra skills required. Flowmon is easy to deploy, use and maintain. An IT manager needs no extra skills to start network monitoring. An intuitive GUI, with a predefined set of tools and reporting capabilities make Flowmon an ideal solution to get an understandable view of network communication.
  • ​Interoperability protecting investments. Flowmon provides a detailed visibility of the area between perimeter and end stations. It is fully interoperable with the other parts of the business IT environment and fills the gaps left by traditional security systems such as firewall, IDS/IPS or antivirus.
  • Feature rich solution with no restrictions. Monitor all resources and get a complete awareness of how users and devices behave in your network. With Flowmon you gain the maximum from flow statistics.
  • Affordable solution with quick time-to-value. Flowmon offers wide portfolio of both physical and virtual appliances delivering an effective network monitoring and security when preserving at reasonable costs.

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